Jerry Jones: I don’t want to say Dak Prescott’s slumping, but that’s probably fair

The Cowboys beat Washington 27-20 on Sunday, but it was not an overwhelming offensive effort for the NFC East leaders.

They averaged under four yards a carry on the ground and Dak Prescott was 22-of-39 for 211 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions over the course of the game. Prescott’s performances in six games since returning from a calf injury have not been up to his previous standards, which led to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones being asked if Prescott is in a slump during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

“I don’t want to say ‘slump,’ but that’s probably fair,” Jones said. “But it’s such a multi-faceted evaluation that I would say that our offense is definitely away from where we were playing five and six games ago from the standpoint of production. What the opposing defenses has to do with it needs to be considered.”

Jones said that Prescott is healthy and that he doesn’t think there’s “merit” to the idea that his mechanics are out of whack as a result of time missed due to injury over the summer or in the season. He also said he has “real confidence” in Prescott and the offense putting everything back together.

“He will figure it out,” Jones said. “That’s the key thing here. He has no superior in working on it, studying it, taking it to the practice field, repetition. He’s as good or better than anybody I’ve ever seen and so he will mentally and physically rep this through.”

The Cowboys have a comfortable lead in the division entering the final four weeks of the year, so that gives them time to find their way back to the right offensive groove and any steps on that front are likely to start with Prescott returning to form.