‘I saved for months to buy Christmas gifts for my son and my husband just ruined them’

Finding the perfect Christmas present is no mean feat and having the money to pay for it can be even more of a struggle.

But one parent has shared how she spent months saving up to buy her son gifts for Christmas as it’s the first year he properly understands that Santa is coming.

Writing in a post on Mumsnet, the anonymous mum explained how she’d carefully picked out items her two-year-old would love and each one was “special”.

She said she’d wanted to make the holidays a “lovely memory” for her child and them too.

However, her husband might have ruined all her hard work, by giving the little boy some of the secret presents ahead of the big day – including the most expensive gift.

The mum shared her story on the parenting forum, asking fellow parents to just let her have a space to moan about the situation.

She wrote: “My son is two and finally understands who Santa is and that Santa is gonna bring him presents this year.

“I’ve been saving my pennies for months and been so careful about what gifts I pick for my son because I wanted things I know he would love and appreciate. I ended up with about four presents for him but each and everyone was thought out and special.
I just want to make it a lovely memory for him and us… Only problem is my husband.

“About a week or two ago I left my husband to watch my son for a couple hours while I went to the hospital for an appointment (pregnant) when I came back my husband had found hidden presents and opened it and gave it to my son!

“I was a bit annoyed but not too unhappy as it was only a bubble bath set so not one of the main presents! This morning however I’ve woken up to my son playing with the most expensive and the present I was most excited about to see his reaction when he opens it on Christmas morning!”

She added: “I’ve saved and shopped and planned everything to make this special and he keeps ruining it!

“I don’t have a lot of money to keep replacing gifts at this rate my little one will have nothing left to open on Christmas Day.”

More than 200 people responded to her post, with many outraged by the husband’s behaviour.

One person said: “WTF?! Why would he do that?

“I’d be very annoyed and expect him to replace the gifts.”

Another commented: Totally unbelievable. I’d be having serious words and making him go and choose a replacement. Also getting them wrapped in Christmas paper (if not already) might stop him.”

A third replied: “I’d be furious.”

Someone else wrote: “Do you not discuss things like Christmas presents for a child that I assume you’re both the parents of?

“It doesn’t sound like a marriage at all with you saving your own money to buy presents and the lack of communication with your husband about what you’ve bought.”